02 Oct

Paypal spending limit reached

paypal spending limit reached

I have a note on my paypal address stating that I have reached my paypal limit You've almost reached your PayPal sending limit. Lift your l. I had a buyer contact me saying they had been informed by paypal that they had reached their "buying limit " of $ The buyer said they. TRIED TO MAKE $5 PURCHASE. Was declined as the $ limit was reached. What are they talking about?????? I am not close to any such.


Tutorial: How to Make A Paypal With No Spending Limit (Without a Credit Card) paypal spending limit reached From our point of view, someone opening a bunch of accounts rather than providing a basic level of identification could be construed as suspicious. When trying to get information to fix this, Paypal refuses to help. Ask the Community Help the Community. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. But check this out:

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